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Cub & Beaver Summer camp 2016 - August 2016

Scouts Summer camp - joint camp with Okehampton Guides

2016 - July 2016

Summer BBQ and Presentation evening

Cycling workshop presented by

Many thanks Darren!

May 2016

Cubs at the County Cub camp

April 2016

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Cubs try out Clip 'n' climb

15th November 2014

Group summer camp - August 2014

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts attended 50 in all!!

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PGL - 24th to 25th May 2014

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Beavers visit

Okehampton fire station - 21st May 2014

Archery and shooting 2014

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War museum and duck race -

3rd to 4th May 2014

(Great place to visit: Cornwall at war museum)

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St George's day parade

27th April 2014 - Chulmleigh

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Remembrance parade - Okehampton 2013

Alien Survival night - 28th to 29th September 2013


Shooting activity day - 9th June 2013

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Scouts Summer camp

18th to 24th August 2013

Cub District Camp

28th to 30th June 2013

district camp 2013

Oke Challenge & Duck Race

4th and 5th May 2013


St George's Day parade, Crediton

21st April 2013

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Rugby Trip to see London Irish v Saracens

9th February 2013

Take the Lead 2

Training weekend 26th to 27th January 2013

Scouts Talent Night

10th - 11th November 2012

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Our visit to Tyred & Exhausted to earn
our mechanics badge

11th October 2012

Scout Summer Camp

August 2012

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10 mile hike - 21st July 2012

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Diamond Jubilee camp

6th to 8th July 2012

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Qualifying event for the 2012 National
Shooting Competition.

17th June 2012

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Beaver sleepover with hike at Meldon

15th to 16th June 2012
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5 mile hike - 26th May 2012

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District Scout Camp at

Taw Bottom

18th to 20th May 2012

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Beavers visit the Fire Station in Okehampton Click here to start slideshow . . .

Sleeping with the Sharks Adventure

It all started when we met at Kerry’s car park, 90 excited children chatted away as we waited for the buses to arrive. With all the luggage packed safely away, we began the journey towards Plymouth Aquarium.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Aquarium staff, shown where to put our coats and then walked to the main tank room, which was to be our sleeping area for the night!

Once we settled in, we played some games and then got into two groups; Cubs and the Guides with the Scouts which were our tour groups. We toured the whole aquarium from sharks to rays and even a half blind turtle!

After the tour we went to a classroom where we were given the challenge to try and make the best marine creature! We could choose from sharks, fish, turtles and sea horses.  Very soon everyone was busy making them and at the end they all looked brilliant!

Afterwards, we were lucky enough to go to the aquariums own 4D cinema, which blew air in our faces and sprayed water at us! After all this excitement we sat down at the café and had a drink.

Finally, we went back to our sleeping room where we set up our beds for the night and were treated by the aquarium staff to a bag each, full of midnight snacks! So we settled down after an exciting night and began to watch our chosen film: Despicable me, once the film had finished we went to sleep (well some of us anyway!)

Once we woke up (early in the morning) we stuffed all our sleeping things away and collected in groups to go to the café for our breakfast. At the end we had a surprise as two scouts Mollie and Rebecca received their chief scout gold award presented to them at the aquarium and we all had our picture taken to remind us what an amazing weekend we had when we slept with the sharks!
By Heather A

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Videos we made as part of our Entreprenaur badge - Autumn 2011

Remembrance parade

Sunday 13th November 2011

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Okehampton Carnival

Saturday 15th October 2011

What an excellent carnival! It was great to see all the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts joining in together - thanks to you all, the parent helpers (special mention for Fran and Linda) and of course the Leaders - especially Jay for making our float such a success.

Special thanks once again to BVS (Balsdon Vehicle Services) / Sarah's self drive for lending us a vehicle.

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Olympic overnight camp

September 17th to 18th 2011

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Pennymoor Summer camp

August 19th to 26th 2011

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PGL - 22nd to 25th July2011

PGL Report:
While others went on holiday to exotic places, 1st Okehampton Scouts and 1st Okehampton Guides stayed local and have been in Torquay at PGL. (Parents Get Lost)

We all had lots of fun and some of us did things we had never done before. In total we did thirteen activities all ran by professional instructors. Some of these activities included Mountain Biking, Abseiling, Raft building, Vertical challenge, Zip wire and the survival challenge.  It was hard to pick a favourite. We spent an hour and a half doing each activity learning how to do it safely.

We learnt lots of new skills. There was something there for everyone and we all loved it and had a go at everything. One of the scouts said “It was fun! It had a good range of activities and was organised really well.” One of the guides then added “There was never a boring moment.”

We got there with the help of BVS (Balsdon Vehicle Services). Thank you very much we wouldn’t have gotten there without you! We had a lot of fun together and are looking forward to doing something with each other next year!

By Rebecca Quick

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Overnight camp at Centre

17th to 18th June 2011
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Scouts talent show and tree planting