Necker badge 1st Okehampton Scouts

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Cubs are the next stage on from Beavers. Cubs are for ages 8-10. We have lots of fun in our meetings which are held on Tuesdays from 6.00pm to 7.30pm at the Scout hut. We work on badges, such as IT, artist and camper, and we offer a wide range of activities and camps. And we play loads of games, work towards badges and go on camps and trips.

Click here for our Autumn 2017 plans

The following evenings we will meet elsewhere:

14th November - 6pm meet at Okehampton Library

Badges we are currently working towards:

Chef badge


Artist and


Book reader




Our Skills Challenge




Pirate night - making balloon swords and parrots

Treasure hunt in the woods using our compass point skills

May 2017

All enjoying our Christmas party!

At the Cubs 100 'non-sleep' sleepover in Exeter University.

Pictured with our giant Cubs 100 badge made from mosiac.
Celebrating 100 years since the beginning of Cub Scouts.

We are eating our Japanese noodles, bean shoots, pak choi
cooked as part of our International badge ~ yummy!

Having fun at the County Cub camp on the water/mud slide.

Some of our Pack with the Beavers on Summer Camp

At our Summer BBQ and Presentation evening: